Thursday, 31 March 2011

Week 12 What are you grateful for?

Racing through the questions now! Here is week 12's layout complete: What are you grateful for?

My journalling talks about My Lovely Nanna!
I am grateful that she is still here and that she has shared information about her past and documents from her parents and grandparents history.
I am grateful that she has been so strong after being alone for almost 40 years.
I am grateful that my children have got to know and love her too. I am thankful that she waited for her youngest great-grandchild to be born at Christmas.
I find it heartbreaking to see her deteriorate in her old age (almost 93) and that she is now waiting....
I hope a little of her has rubbed off on me.
I love how stubborn she is - even if it annoys other people.
I will miss her so much when she is gone so I am grateful that I still have her for now. xxx

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Qu 10 What film inspires you creatively?

its taken a while to get round to answering this questions in a scrapbook layout form but I've finally done it and it wasn't as difficult as I first thought!

Once I had decided that "creatively" didnt necessarily mean paper creations, My idea took off.

I love dance films! Musicals etc I LOVE Moulin Rouge!
As a young person I was out every evening at a "club" - be it ballet, tap, modern, gymnastics, drama, singing etc.
My Layout tells this story and the fact that I still feel totally inspired by watching dance movies and going to the theatre.

Basically my page had a lot things thrown at it to give that "oh La la" feel of Moulin Rouge and I'm quite pleased with the mess!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

March Tags

I received gorgeous tags in the post this morning from the UKS Tag Swap.

This months theme was aquamarine, travel and postcard. My favourite colour and pastime!

Just thought I'd throw in a pic of Bella - she is now almost 10 months old - and she's gorgeous!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Qu 11: What keeps you awake at night?

OKay - question 10 is missing at the moment but it is being worked on.

Number 11: Nothing keeps me awake at the moment - thankfully.

Qu 9: What was the last BRAVE thing you did?

What a question!

I have spent a few weeks mulling this one over - I've even made a LO which was absolutely awful and then binned it. That one included having kids, taking an NVQ as an adult and buying a puppy.

I decided that the last brave thing I did was to buy a car on Ebay that I had never seen! Actually, it wasn't really me - it was my husband. He bid on the car the same day that he came out of hospital after a hernia repair operation but I have to take some responsibility as he did consult first!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

March Tag Swap

Again, I've left doing these tags to the last minute which is rather unlike me!

This month the task was to create tags with an aquamarine and travel theme using the word "Postcard" or a postage stamp.

This is what I came up with using distress inks, Postcard embossing folder, hot air balloon stamp, some fabric, ribbon and a boat charm.

Qu 8: What was the last thing that made you laugh out loud?

It's been ages since I blogged but things have been going on behind the scenes!

Questions 8 of 52 was some weeks ago now and once again, I'm playing catch up due to lack of inspiration!

This LO is about our puppy Bella who (at the time of reading the question) was the last thing to make me laugh out loud. She was playing with the the kids who were, in turn, playing with a torch. Bella thought this was great fun - chasing the light around the floor, walls and ceiling!

The LO is fairly simple, using a few of the Tim Holze dies for the title and the flowers.

The LO I did for Qu 9 has to be re-done - its appalling!

Friday, 4 March 2011

Qu 7 what would you do....

... if you knew you couldnt fail?

This was a hard one to answer - what would I do?
Netty said she would find the cure for cancer and that made me feel ashamed and shallow with the ideas I had! I wanted to be a musical theatre actress so I thought about it harder and spoke to Mel who said that she would have a go at everything to see what she liked the best! What a good idea!
Musical Theatre Actress
LOTTERY WINNER - obviously

I used a photo of me with my Dad way back in 1973 (ish) when my whole life was ahead of me and choices were to be made. Shame I didnt choose very well!!!!!
I used the key hole as a refernce to unlocking potential.

off to catch up now...