Wednesday, 25 August 2010

WOYWW - 25 August 2010

Welcome again to WOYWW - hosted by Julia -
Pop over and have a look and join in the nosiness!
Last week I couldn't get the linky thing to work but some lovely people gave me some instructions but it seems that my work computer likes to block stuff like this so I can't make it work!!

This week I have taken some photos around my workspace. My desk itself is clear and unused this week but looking at these pictures I am saddened by how messy the "outskirts" of my desk are!!! I need to re-think the area and pretty it up a bit!

On the Periphery (Oooo big word)of the desk I have photos blu-tacked to the wall of:
Family at New Year 2009
A covered bridge in New Hampshire that I took last year
A Cape Cod sunset from last years holiday
A postcard of the Portland Head Light House, Maine
A lake near my house in the snow
There is also:
Slice machine
Heat tool
Boxes of stuff that I just can't get rid of
An unfinished minibook of the family's dressing-up habit
Swapped tags
A couple of Mickey's
A teapot that my daughter made from an old coffee tin
And lots of bits of paper etc ...

I have made a card for my daughter's birthday using stamps bought at Stamperama last week. I just need to add a "15" to the card now.

I also received my photobook from PosterXXL of my holiday pictures. I am so pleased with it! Here's a peek:

And here is one of my favourite photos from the holiday (Spain). Its of part of my mother in laws garden which my daughter happened to be wandering across.

have a great day!

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Mel's Summer Holiday

I've been back from Sorrento for over a week and have finally found the time to log it! William has a friend over so I have a few minutes before being needed again, don't you love the long holidays?!
Italy was beautiful, as I knew it would be and the weather perfect! We managed to go to all the places we had talked about with a bit of rest aswell. William of course thought the pool was best, although he was quite impressed with the walk up Vesuvio's and looking down into the great big crater with plumes of smoke rising.
We went on trips to Capri, Pompeii and on the Amalfi drive all which had amazing views of Vesuvio's. Our hotel was on a coastal road out of Sorrento and each evening watched a beautiful sunset from the dining room.
A really lovely holiday with just the three of us before it turn's into four! Next year no doubt we'll be looking for holiday's in this country, and while I think there's some gorgeous places here, there's the age old problem of the weather!

Since being home I've made a photobook of our holiday, which arrived yesterday and I'm absolutely chuffed with it! The photo's look professional and are set out really well. I'll definietly be using that again.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

WOYWW - 18 August 2010

Morning all - here we are again - half way through the week (yippeee) and its time, once again, for WOYWW with Julia over at her blog on Stamping-Group.
One day I will learn to do the proper linky thing so you can just click and go!

Join in - its fun - and for those of us who are very nosy - it makes us want to jump into everyones craft rooms for a rummage!

This week I am s-l-o-w-l-y making tags for the monthly tag swap on UKScrappers ( The theme this month is "The Seaside". I only wish our weather inspired me to go to the seaside - its rubbish! I sit here at work with my HEATER on - yes really - in August!!!!!!!
Here are my first 3 tags made using some Little Claire stamps that I bought a few weeks ago. As usual, I have also used Distress Inks and some glitter stickles.

The reason I'm so slow making these stamps is because of this little bundle of fluff:-

Its amazing how much time she takes up - just watching, playing and training.
To be honest, I'm exhausted and find myself dropping off at 9.30pm. AND she's only been a member of the family for one week!
The kids are amazing with her and have been very patient so far.

Anyway, about the tags - I forgot to show you the fabulous batch that I received in July with the theme "Growing up disgracefully". It was our host (NettyB)'s birthday - and a milestone one at that. Here are the tags that I received from the ladies - every one fabulous!

I really must sort out this "inspiration wire" to hang them all on.....

Have a great week.


Monday, 16 August 2010


Mum, Mel and I went off to look at Stamperama in Stevenage yesterday - its the first time I've ever been to one of these exhibitions and WOW - what a lot of stuff!!!! It was mind-boggling to say the least and I couldnt believe how long it took us to look around - only to start at the beginning again to actually make some purchases!!!

We all seem to have similar tastes in designs so sharing is always a great option and we can pool our resources!
I was particularly impressed with Clarity Stamps - they had a fantastic range of clear stamps (so I bought a few)!

I also took quite a few photos of some beautiful cards to inspire and remind me:-

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

WOYWW - 11 August 2010

Some very exciting stuff for WOYWW today - although its not really on my workdesk at all. Actually - its everywhere but it certainly is work and hard work at that!

We have a new puppy and she came to live with us last night!
For the past ten years it's been:
"Can we have a dog"?
"Can we have a dog"
"Can we have a dog"?
So it was really nice to be able to finally say "YES"!

Casey & Dan are now very responsible at the ages of almost 15 and 11 and we realised how good they would be with a new member of the family so we went off to look on Sunday.
She is a German shepherd, Old English/Collie cross (a bit of a mixture then) and is adorable. She is 8 weeks old and one of a litter of 11 (OMG). Mum is a white german shepherd and dad is the old english/collie cross and they were very proud parents and showed off their remaining babies.

Casey & Dan have named her "Bella" for no other reason than that we have an old ship's bell in our conservatory and it gave them the idea. It really suits her!

The kids have been AMAZING - taking care of Bella - I just hope their enthusiasm and love continue during this difficult and tiring stage!

Any tips for settling in a puppy would be gratefully received!

Above: Making friends

Above: Having a cuddle

Above: A necessary bath after the journey home. (I won't go into details)!

Monday, 9 August 2010

Back in Blighty!

Above: Parc Guell mosaic wavy seat, Barcelona. Gaudi - crafter on a grand scale!

Here we are - back in good ole Blighty where its guarenteed to rain or be cloudy for several days a week!
Mel's expected back any time now from Sorrento and I cant wait to take a look at her holiday snaps! Capri, Pompeii, Amalfi Coast etc .... mmmmm.

In the meantime, I have a small collection of photos from our Spanish adventure to show you - as a starter!
We stayed in San Miguel de Salinas where my mother in law lives and then travelled to Peniscola before finally reaching Barcelona - the city of colourful and wavy architecture by Gaudi.

Above: Peniscola - pretty streets inside the castle walls. Seated moody teenager optional!

Above: Typical street inside the castle walls. Peniscola

Above: Beach - Nightmare?

Above: Cave Houses in San Miguel de Salinas

Above: View from home terrace across the salt lakes!

Above: One of the Gaudi designed houses in Barcelona

Above: La Rambla and two odd balls walking it!

Above: One of the Plaza's off La Rambla and ma familia

Above: There are many "living statues" on La Rambla - this one made me jump out of my skin!

Above: Pensicola castle in the sunset.

Above: Parc Guell - another mosaic and wavy creation by Gaudi - crafting on a big scale!

Above: La Pedrera - what kind of furniture would you use here? Not Ikea!

Above: All You Knit it Love. A shop that was closed for August but rather took our fancy!

Above: The gothic quarter and my particular favourite place in Barcelona. Narrow, ancient streets with washing hung out to dry. You can shake hands across the street with your neighbours!

Above: Segrada Familiar. Gaudi's cathedral is still being built more than 100 years on!

There are literally hundreds more photos but I'll pop my favourites on here from time to time!
I have already created a photobook with PosterXXL (as I had a voucher worth £20) and I intend to scrap some moments from the holiday when I have some time.

Now - has my sister arrived back in Blighty yet?