Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Phoenix Rising

One of my colleagues is leaving work today to become a writer!
its something that she has always wanted to do and thought she would have to leave it until retirement but she's only gone and done it 15+ years early!!!

Sandy wants to write a trilogy of novels based on stories from Ireland (her home country) starting with the potato famine.
She has spoken about Dublin and Phoenix Park in the past and these stories will be entwined within her books so I decided to make a little farewell gift based on the Phoenix.

She's really pleased with it and loved the poem on the back - I didnt write it unfortunately but it is rather fabulous!

I'll let you know when she's been published!


  1. What a beautiful creation to celebrate your friend's change of direction. The poem is really lovely!
    I am looking forward to reading her published work!
    Sue xxx

  2. fabulous creation. all the best to your friend

  3. What a lovely gift I'm sure she'll love it. Best wishes to your friend too.