Thursday, 2 December 2010

Balancing outdoors

I have completed part two of the white balance task on the photography course.
This time, I used the white balance settings outside, which I wasnt particularly looking forward to!

As it happens, we are having a little snowfall and I found a lovely bunch of red berries hanging in the car park at my sons school this morning. Perfect for a festive picture!
Amazing how the different settings look outside!

I thought I'd add a photo of the journey to school too!


  1. What an interesting exercise...sounds like a very useful and artistic course.
    We have just a sprinkling of snow, just like you apparently. Any sign of baby yet...?

    Take care
    sue xx

  2. No baby yet - she's due this weekend which would be perfect but you know what babies are like!!!!!

  3. The berry pictures are lovely. I think I like the sunny setting best. The drive to school looked a bit hairy! Take care in that snow!

  4. Funny how a bit of snow can make everything look so festive and pretty. Not so nice for the school run though. Looking forward to seeing more photo's soon.

  5. The snow covered berries photos are gorgeous. The drive to school looks scary.