Monday, 6 December 2010

Rules are meant to be broken

Today's assignment was to look at the rules of photography and have a play.

I bribed the dog into a photoshoot at lunchtime, so armed myself with treats and camera to get some close ups of her. She seemed quite comfy on the bed!
I have tried some tilted shots and close ups which have come out okay.

I also used the rule of thirds (kinda) to take a photo of the rubbish that is accumulating outside the office. The Landlord has gone into receivership and cant afford to have the bins collected. Just wait until I get a close up shot of the humoungous rats that are bound to be scrabbling around in there!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. cute doggy photos, yuck to the bin bags & rats, can Environmental Health at your local council not help? I know they can do something about domestic properties but I'm not sure about businesses. Hope they get shifted soon