Tuesday, 6 July 2010

A Proud Family Day

Our grandmother is almost 92 years young!

As she is the oldest member of her church in Ampthill she was asked to open their new extension and give a little speech. Obviously we had to go and give her moral support, so 4 generations gathered with over 100 church members to see her do the honours!
What a proud moment it was for all of us!

Unforuntately we managed to stand inside while she directed her speech outside so we didnt get any decent photos of her doing her bit.
She told the crowd that she had been christened in the church in August 1918 and married in the 1940's. Her parents were also members of the church as was her grandfather who was born in 1842.

Nanna isn't very well at the moment and has just been given some rather bad news about the recent tumour that she had removed. It looks like she will need a further operation to get rid of the cancer. At her age this is something that we all worry about! But to celebrate her impending birthday we are getting the whole family together for the weekend - So we have something to look forward to.....

Mother and daughter

Casey & Great-grandmother

A very proud great-grand-daughter

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  1. The photo's of Nanna have turned out so well! I feel so proud of her all over again. I thought she did a brilliant job, and her speech went superbly, especially as she was so nervous!

    Mel x