Friday, 23 July 2010

Viva Espana

Last day at work! Woohoo!!! well, last day for two weeks anyway!

That's it, we are clearing off to Spain for a couple of weeks to visit my mother in law and Barcelona. For the first time we have decided to explore a bit more of Spain and I'm very excited about the photo opportunities!

Mel is also off in a couple of weeks - but to Sorrento, so again - fantastic photos to follow, I'm sure!

Dan had "superskills" at school yesterday which is a great event. Each team has a member from reception all the way through to the team captain in year 6 and they help each other out with sports themed tasks. Their team was the Funky, Punky Monkeys and they did just great! Look at that sky though!

I have also managed to complete my LO of Dan as a baby on the beach. After making some changes - I'm very pleased with the bright colours and the windmill.

I also started on a LO of my husbands grandparents. I found it really difficult to put together because I didnt know them. Its hard to complete something like this when you dont know the characters involved!

Anyway - I've got to finish up at work now (yawn) and then pack!


  1. Love that beach LO and your windmill is lovely! Hope you have a great time in Spain. Hasta la vista!

  2. Enjoy your trips! Can't wait to see the photos

  3. have a wonderful holiday...and i think you're doing a great job with the grandparents LO!

  4. Fab Lo & great photos, hope you both have great holidays :)