Wednesday, 18 August 2010

WOYWW - 18 August 2010

Morning all - here we are again - half way through the week (yippeee) and its time, once again, for WOYWW with Julia over at her blog on Stamping-Group.
One day I will learn to do the proper linky thing so you can just click and go!

Join in - its fun - and for those of us who are very nosy - it makes us want to jump into everyones craft rooms for a rummage!

This week I am s-l-o-w-l-y making tags for the monthly tag swap on UKScrappers ( The theme this month is "The Seaside". I only wish our weather inspired me to go to the seaside - its rubbish! I sit here at work with my HEATER on - yes really - in August!!!!!!!
Here are my first 3 tags made using some Little Claire stamps that I bought a few weeks ago. As usual, I have also used Distress Inks and some glitter stickles.

The reason I'm so slow making these stamps is because of this little bundle of fluff:-

Its amazing how much time she takes up - just watching, playing and training.
To be honest, I'm exhausted and find myself dropping off at 9.30pm. AND she's only been a member of the family for one week!
The kids are amazing with her and have been very patient so far.

Anyway, about the tags - I forgot to show you the fabulous batch that I received in July with the theme "Growing up disgracefully". It was our host (NettyB)'s birthday - and a milestone one at that. Here are the tags that I received from the ladies - every one fabulous!

I really must sort out this "inspiration wire" to hang them all on.....

Have a great week.



  1. great to see your workspace and all those tags just look gorgeous! TFS Hugs Juls

  2. Hi ya
    oh lots of gorgeous tags, pretty pooch,thanks for the snoop, have a great WOYWW, sue,x

  3. Great tags.. I love the vintage look of them.

  4. Love your new puppy he/she is adorable! and your right about the tags you have got they're fabby too! Loving your sea side tags great stamps may have to have a look for them.

    Now a tip to help you put your links in.

    Very simple you will kick your self when you know how to do them. So lets pretend your typing a post OK? on the bar above the post are lots of things like font types, size of fonts and where you up load your photos there is the word link!
    Now click on that and a box will appear with two slim boxes, in the first one you put the name of the blog or anything you want really (this is the wors or words that will show in your post)and in the 2nd you copy and paste the link you want to put in from the address bar you want to show (so you need two windows open the one your working on and another of the blog you want to link up) It's very difficult to type instructions with out a visual aid but really it's takes just a couple of seconds to do! try it out and I hope these were good enough to help you out

    Love Dawn xx

  5. Hello there, happy to meet you, I'm loving your puppy soo sweet, but time consuming yeah!
    Great tags, the lighthouse is a real favourite , Thank you for letting me peep:D xx

  6. gorgeous tags, love,love the one with the beach huts on it. How cute is the puppy, so glad she is settling in, amazing how much time they take up. our last dog was worse than a child for wanting to be entertained, he just wanted to play all the time lol

  7. Love your tags. Glad you enjoyed Stevenage - it may be small but it is fab fun! I go to both shows each year.

  8. Fab tags - just gorgeous - jacqueline xx

  9. lovely pup - and the training will pay off - our dogs are getting old now and i miss the long walks and energetic play -

    lovely collectionof tags you have too...


  10. Gorgeous tags and the puppy is adorable!


  11. Gorgeous tags. Know what it feels like trying to fit in a little crafting with a bundle of fun, I have a pug pup who takes up quite a lot of time, adorable thought LOL. Have a good evening, Tracy Evans x

  12. Love the tags and that puppy is a real little cutie

  13. Oooh great tags you have made there.

  14. I see Dawn has told you aboutthe I will not..have a go though, it's easier to do than explain, for sure! Don't worry about linking to WOYWW though, there's no rules there! LOVE the tags you've been working on - the lighthouse particularly - gorgeous colours and atmosphere. Puppy = baby= attention....happy days!

  15. Fabulous tags...and your puppy is a cutie!

  16. Love your puppy I have two borrowed ones at the moment - my daughters they are both away. Love your tags so colourful and the one you received are fantastic. Big hugs JOxxxx

  17. I noticed that Dawn told you how to find the little "link" icon, so I won't bother. I am the worst with tags, so you have given me some really great ones as inspiration. Your new ball of fluff is adorable. Is it my imagination, or has she grown this week? Sorry I'm late visiting, but I contracted a virus on my computer on Wednesday. It's still not fixed, but I had to make sure I wasn't infecting anyone. Happy belated WOYWW.