Monday, 9 August 2010

Back in Blighty!

Above: Parc Guell mosaic wavy seat, Barcelona. Gaudi - crafter on a grand scale!

Here we are - back in good ole Blighty where its guarenteed to rain or be cloudy for several days a week!
Mel's expected back any time now from Sorrento and I cant wait to take a look at her holiday snaps! Capri, Pompeii, Amalfi Coast etc .... mmmmm.

In the meantime, I have a small collection of photos from our Spanish adventure to show you - as a starter!
We stayed in San Miguel de Salinas where my mother in law lives and then travelled to Peniscola before finally reaching Barcelona - the city of colourful and wavy architecture by Gaudi.

Above: Peniscola - pretty streets inside the castle walls. Seated moody teenager optional!

Above: Typical street inside the castle walls. Peniscola

Above: Beach - Nightmare?

Above: Cave Houses in San Miguel de Salinas

Above: View from home terrace across the salt lakes!

Above: One of the Gaudi designed houses in Barcelona

Above: La Rambla and two odd balls walking it!

Above: One of the Plaza's off La Rambla and ma familia

Above: There are many "living statues" on La Rambla - this one made me jump out of my skin!

Above: Pensicola castle in the sunset.

Above: Parc Guell - another mosaic and wavy creation by Gaudi - crafting on a big scale!

Above: La Pedrera - what kind of furniture would you use here? Not Ikea!

Above: All You Knit it Love. A shop that was closed for August but rather took our fancy!

Above: The gothic quarter and my particular favourite place in Barcelona. Narrow, ancient streets with washing hung out to dry. You can shake hands across the street with your neighbours!

Above: Segrada Familiar. Gaudi's cathedral is still being built more than 100 years on!

There are literally hundreds more photos but I'll pop my favourites on here from time to time!
I have already created a photobook with PosterXXL (as I had a voucher worth £20) and I intend to scrap some moments from the holiday when I have some time.

Now - has my sister arrived back in Blighty yet?


  1. I love Barcelona, your photos are gorgeous and make me very envious!

  2. I love Gaudi's work and will one day visit Barcelona. :)