Friday, 14 January 2011

Photography Practice

This line of Mini's nicked some of our car parking spaces at work yesterday - I think they belong to the sales team at the local rag. They looked pretty good lined up together so, this was the photo of the day!

A is for ... Antique
This chest belonged to my g g grandfather who lived in Great Catsworth, Huntingdonshire in the mid 1800's. It was passed down the family line until it reached my grandmother. Unfortunately, when she moved, she was unable to house this oak chest, so I claimed it for my living room. I knowit's not the prettiest item but I'm the very proud owner of this piece of history.

Matilda - This is my sister's cat, Matilda. She likes to drink from the tap!

Casey & Eva

I've been practicing with my new camera - although I havent got off suto settings just yet.

Ballet Shoes - these are on Eva's window sill - they are tiny. I wonder how old she will be when she fits into these?

My orchid - still blooming!

Learning material!

This is the inside of my washing machine - strange shot I know but feeling rather uninspired - plus, I managed to break off the front panel a couple of days ago!

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