Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Qu 1. - 52 Questions

What a great challenge for 2011! UKS is hosting a question per week during the year to answer in whatever creative way you fancy and I'm already three weeks behind!

Question 1 - What are your hopes for 2011? That question was a challenge to answer in itself! I've missed loads off too!

I've decided to do Layouts to try and launch some creativity in this area again. Its been over 4 months since I last put together a scrapbook page and I actually found it rather challenging.

I'm quite pleased with the page but its a lot flatter than my usual style. I did add some machine stitching which is a first for me.


  1. aha another challengee! great work. I have a 52 pages challenge on my blog too, am quite amazed I have kept up with myself so far lol

  2. Love your page. really bright colours to chase away the winter blues.