Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Finding time for scrapping.

I can't believe I've actually had bits of spare time to do some scrapbooking! That just shows what a wonderful baby Eva is! She's a very happy baby and only wakes once during the night and a couple of times has made it all the way through. She has the most beautiful smile and the first few times she 'talked' made me cry as it was such a gorgeous sound. William has turned into a wonderful big brother who has just excepted his new sister in his laid back way. At this moment life is good!

My new layouts aren't the most technical ones, but I'm so pleased that I've had a bit of time as I've got so many lovely new photos and don't want to get to far behind.

When Eva was 4 weeks old I took her to have her hand and foot cast in plaster, at the weekend I went to pick them up, they're presented in a frame and they look amazing showing all of her gorgeous wrinkles!


  1. awww how cute! really love the little duckies hehehe

  2. Oh Mel the LO's are lovely! Nice and simple so as not to distract from the gorgeous photos!

  3. Oh such cute little hands and feet! Love the layouts too, particually the flowers on 'I love you' Well done getting them done with a new baby!

  4. Nice layouts and the hand and feet casts are just gorgeous :)

  5. Oh, so very cute. Beautiful little girl :)