Friday, 11 February 2011

Qu 6: If you could do it all again ... would you change anything?

I can't believe it - I'm up to date! Question 6 is complete.

This was an interesting question and one that is quite personal to answer.
I used tags to hide the journalling - a design idea I copied from PJBear on UK scrappers - I thought it was a great idea!
I have also used my TH time masks as a background to my LO which has a photo of the day of my birth back in 1972. I thought this was a relevant photo and one I have been waiting to scrap for a while.
I have also used a little clock charm on my layout.

Behind the tags my journalling states several things I wish I could change:-

1. I would talk to my grandparents more about their lives.
2. I would have visited my sister when she lived in Italy as a nanny to triplets.
3. I would have travelled.
4. I would have stayed at home and saved rather than be so deserate to leave the family home and be independant and grown up!
5. I would have trained in a vocation (such as nursing) instead of just gone out there to get any job available (hence number 4).
6. I would have learnt to be more comfortable saying "I love you" to my family although I know that I can change this for the future.
7. (and one I forgot to include - but will) is - I wish I had taken a proper maternity leave from childminding after having my son. I went back to work within 2 weeks because I was so scared about loosing the kids I took care or and the income that it generated. I didnt have the right amount of bonding time just with Daniel and I'm sorry.

See this who process is cathartic isnt it!
What will next week bring?


  1. great lo, and the journalling is great :)

  2. Love the layout-and I wish I'd done no 1 too!

  3. lovely page & great journaling

  4. Thank you for your lovely comment :D
    I love that you're scrapping this, and especially like the hidden journalling and stamped flowers x