Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Bank Holiday Loveliness

Blogging has been so much more difficult since our office was re-organised! I now sit with my back and screen towards the Executive office so that, if they so wanted, they could see everything that I am doing!
I don't get much computer time at home either!

Well, what an amazing Bank Holiday weekend! The weather couldn't have been more "un-bank holiday like" at around 78 degrees!
We went walking with the dog in Woburn woods and Ashridge Park in search of a beautiful carpet of bluebells. I was very pleased when we found some.
I never realised blubells smelled so fabulous until I experienced it en-mass.

We took the opportunity for a photo shoot since no one else seemed to be so enchanted by these wild flowers.
My models were beautiful - my niece Eva - who was very at home with nature, as was Casey, my daughter. I even managed to snap my sister feeding Eva in the woodland.
My family arent too sure about my very over-exposed images but I really like them - I think they look pretty and soft - I wouldnt use the technique with the boys - who were rummaging in the undergrowth playing soilders!

Eva even had her very first taste of food - other than milk - ice cream. She was quite happy to have a go but the look on her face when it was taken away says it all!


  1. Great photos, looks like you had a fab time. How inconsiderate of work to move the office preventing you from blogging, its just rude of them :D

  2. I agree :D
    lovely Photos. Funny how they just love ice cream.

  3. Gorgeous photos, I love bluebells too.