Thursday, 28 April 2011

Qu 16 What is the Truth?

Here is my Lo for Qu 16 - What is the Truth?
Difficult question but it came to me when I looked at some photos of the birth of my niece back in December.
I have used Chilly Weather paper (because it was), lace, ribbon (its a girl) and some flowers and brads.

The journalling says:
What is the Truth?

A Newborn Baby!
Eva was born after a stressful and eventful ambulance dash through a Blizzard. The roads were blocked in ever direction during rush hour as the snow kept falling.
She was almost delivered in the back of an ambulance after Darren called them from the bottom of Dead Man's HIllin Clophill but they got Mel to hospital in time - blue fashing lights and all!
I was so proud to be a birth partner and the experience was amazing and emotional.
This photo was taken just seconds after delivery.

There must be something about the women in my family - Mel (pictured) was born on holiday back in 75!

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