Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Christmas Cards

I have finally made some cards I'm more happy with - simple Christmas cards to sell to students and teachers at school for charity. They will be going for £1.00 each so fingers crossed they'll do okay!

Thank goodness I bought a 3" scalloped circle punch - what a great purchase that turned out to be.

I also managed to salvage little punched flowers from the scraps of pattered paper - so the wreath design was very quick and easy.

I nicked an idea from the blog http://itsallfiddlefart.blogspot.com/ by using a postage stamp type punch in a patchwork style. It's All Fiddle Fart is one of the best names for a blog don't you think?


  1. These are beautiful and worth much more than £1 each. Isn't it amazing how everyone's take on Christmas is so different.
    You asked about my tree...it is a die, probably Sizzix. It is one I have had for now, three Christmasses..it is a very good size for cards.
    I must say, you have ben very inventive in making your pretty little tree...
    Have a lovely week
    Sue xxx

  2. They'll be snapped up, they're gorgeous.

  3. Fabulous cards, the wreath is my fave

  4. What a bargin!!! Lovely cards fab!!

  5. You've been busy! I love the Christmas cards they've turned out fabulously, and I understand about the scallop punch now!
    Your WW2 tags look great aswell, it makes me think of Nanna and all of the different jobs she did in the war.
    Mel x