Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Maternity leave at last!

I've only got 5 1/2 weeks left to go before meeting our baby, the time is actually passing really quickly although tell me that in another three or four weeks and I'll probably laugh! I have officially finished work and it feels great, although I'm going to miss the team I work with no end as we work really closely together. I was presented with a massive box of chocolates and a gift voucher from all of the commitee and parents. One of the children wouldn't believe I had a baby in my tummy until I lifted up my jumper for her to see my round stomach and another asked if I would bring in the 'real' baby for them all to see after Christmas. I'm going to miss those children! All of the staff met for the evening for my leaving do and to present me with an amazing baby hamper filled with goodies, it was such a suprise, it left me feeling very overwhelmed and the luckiest pregnant person ever! The next two layouts are of my lovely work collegues and the fabulous hamper they gave me. Thanks guys! x


  1. You layouts are gorgeous Mel - I particularly like the ribbon one - I can see why you chose it!

  2. Gorgeous LO's and congrats on starting maternity leave. Enjoy every minute. What lovely work colleagues you have.
    Hugs Lisax

  3. ooh so excited for you - 5 weeks, it must be getting really exciting!!!! i can't wait to see the baby.those layouts are super cute too.
    thanks for the comment on my blog, that was really nice of you xxx

  4. lucky girl, great los to remember it all

  5. Great pages Mel, wish I had atken more pregnancy pics, then again, I looked horrendous as I had hyperemesis the whole way through. Wishing all love for when the little bambino arrives

  6. How exciting and what a nice bump.
    Thanks for your comment. I am a squirrel, I pick up lace and fabrics wherever I see them. I was also given a great big bag of scraps by a dressmaker.
    Enjoy the rest whilst you can.
    Sue xx