Wednesday, 17 November 2010

I Sewed Something!!! WOYWW

Its been ages since we blogged but we are now back with the programme and hope to keep it up.

Since last posting, I have bought a sewing machine - shouted at it, got frustrated with it, threaded it incorrectly, shouted at it a bit more and finally got the hang of threading the damn needle!

I made something! Its not great by any means and there are a lot of flaws but, I made a little denim bag - lined and everything!!!!

It comes from a pair of my old jeans - I saw myself in a photo with them on and decided that they were not my style and made me look rather dumpy - so they were stuffed away in (what is now) my fabric scraps drawer!

I now have other projects in the pipeline - IF I can manage to thread that damn needle properly again!

WOYWW is hosted by Julia on and is a fabulous way to have a nosy at the messy desks people are proud to display! Theres a lot of fantastic work going on out there - go and take a look!


  1. congratulations! it's gorgeous

    be blessed
    from Angela #83

  2. What a cute purse!! The fabric flower is adorable, too!


    Sandra #103

  3. Gosh what a cute bag.Welldone you for mastering the sewing machine ,mine i say guilty is still in the box ,only had out to use to sew daughters project for school.I really should use it more as so admire stitching on cards .Maybe one day hey,who knows at mo just collecting dust dust and more dust...Have fab wednesday
    hugs judex#41

  4. Gorgeous bag. You have more patience than me when it comes to sewing machines!

  5. Isn't it great when the first piece you make looks like that..well done, it is wonderful, useful and 'made by you'.#
    sue xx 71

  6. Well done you - Id still be at the shouting stage!

  7. Congrats on your sewing project! Thanks for the peek.

  8. Well done, I would never have had the patience to battle with a sewing machine!

    I was just going to ask how Bella was doing when I saw you'd posted some pics further down - wow, she's grown loads! Still gorgeous though :-)


  9. Hi ya
    i think ya bag looks fab, i wont go near my sewing machine it hates me! lol, have good eve, happy WOYWW, sue, (29).x

  10. wow super first job!
    and better than jeans that make you look dumpy!!lol

  11. Great little bag you have made! It is so cute with the flower! Well done you!
    Happy WOYWW!

  12. fabulous pictures of your holiday, love the little bag and the ever so cute little flower embellishment

  13. What a wonderful purse. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 34)