Tuesday, 18 May 2010


As the weather at the weekend was so lovely, we decided we had to go geocaching and found two caches close by to try. I've been meaning to make 'calling cards' to leave at each site for a while, so before we set off on our walks, we nipped to the local garden centre (which happens to have a craft shop in it!)to buy orange card and embossing powder.
Our team name for the geocaching is 'The Giant Pumpkins' so my son and I made our cards using a pumpkin stamp which we embossed using my new heat gun. They are very simple but I'm pleased with them.
We found both caches that day, and was able to leave a calling card in each, fantastic!

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  1. Fantastic cards! I can't wait to get my new device up and running so that we can go "calling"!