Monday, 10 May 2010

Don't mess with me - I have back up!!!!!

I have to have a little brag - my two kiddiwinks (14 & 10 - see photo) were graded for their orange belts yesterday and passed with flying colours - and they've only been training for 8 months. I'm so proud!
What with Casey's A* in Science coursework - I couldnt be more pleased.

We had an interesting weekend. Saturday's awful weather put me in a bad mood to start with, but what with the first crop just one day away, Mel and I concentrated on what on earth to take.
Every time I walked past the box in my room I found myself adding something extra (just in case)!
We left the kids at home so we could have a schmoooze around a haberdashery store for some scraps of material - found a few little bits that I hope to make into some flower embellishments and yo-yo's at some point.

Also found another little craft shop that we didnt know existed and managed to pick up some more Grungeboard Elements - this time in Harlequin along with some TH papers for 40p per sheet. Bargain! All of which went into "the box"!

Mel has asked me to be at the birth of her baby which is due in December - I dont normally look forward to Christmas so much! I can't wait until my niece of nephew gets here - but I have to remember that his/her Dad might want a look-in too!!!
Mel has started looking at the Mammas & Pappa's catalogue - I can see this is going to be tres expensive!

Anyway - our very first crop!
Everyone really did take EVERYTHING and I was very impressed with all the travel gear that they had. There must have been about 10 or 11 of us and we all had a table each - so plenty of space. In fact, I only took up half of my table but Mel managed to fill hers and half of the floor space too.

Mel & I worked on a minibook / card for our parents 40th wedding anniversary which looks pretty good - I think they'll be happy with it. We used photos from their wedding.

I managed to complete two other layouts before 4pm - one of my grandparents which tells the story of how they had known each other from the age of 5 at junior school, married during the war (My grandad being sent to war not 24 hours after the wedding) and then how my grandmother suffered in later life with senile dementia. She was eventally placed in a care home but my grandad became so poorly because he missed her so much. The authority place him in the same home - with adjoining rooms. His only wish in old age was to be with his childhood sweetheart. I called the page "Only Forever" after a 1940's Bing Crosby song and it features several photos taken throughout their lives together. The final photo is one of my favourites even though Nanna looks poorly and bruised after a fall. Grandad is smiling at her with absolute adoration. It brings a tear to my eye.

My second layout is of Casey - almost 11 years ago. We bought her two bunnies for her 4th birthday - just before her brother, Daniel, was born. She looks so cute sitting there with Charcoal. I added a handmade felt flower that I sewed with embroidery thread. I'm a terrible seamstress - but this is not too bad!!

By the way - the wheat -free Cloud cake with fresh cream and chocolate that was served at the crop was AMAZING!!!!!!


  1. wow another fast worker...and don't those kiddies look cute in those karate clothes...i'm thinking that might need scrapping soon! :0)