Friday, 21 May 2010

Floral Friday!

Floral Friday is here again!

What a long week its been (at "paid for work") I'm so glad the weather looks good for the weekend for a change! I've bought the self tan so that my legs dont look too transparent - just in case they come out!

We are looking at trying the new GPS device that I bought on Ebay for geocaching. So far it looks really, really tekkie and I have no idea how to follow it but I hope all will become clear! I had a go at lunchtime today because I know there are some caches to find around the lake where I work - but even after half an hour walking the device said I was still 1.83 miles away - back to the handbook I think!

I've been making more cards than flowers this week, but did have time to have a go at some roses from a tutorial I had seen on a blog somewhere. They are pretty simple to make (if a bit fiddly) and the family immediately recognised them as roses - so that's a bonus!

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  1. those flowers are stunning, I meant to buy fake tan on Friday but I forgot, I'm currently wearing shorts & need sunglasses to look at my legs lol