Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Wednesday Workdesk / Wicked Weekend

I have two desks - one boring one at my place of work (for which I get paid) and then my really important one at home that houses all my "stuff" which my pay pays for!

My craft desk isn't too messy at the moment although I'm glad I look down onto my desk rather than what is in bags and boxes underneath it!!!
My desk is situated where our old bathroom used to be so I decided to give the area a purpose. I think it turned out quite well - its better than my dining room which is where I used to work. It would be nice to have a door so I could enclose the mess but at least no one sees it unless I want then to! I did think of installing a curtain underneath the desk to block out the view of the drawers but havent gotten round to it yet.

This weekend Mel & I will be working on a fortieth wedding anniversary gift for our parents. I ordered the Beyond the Page "40" MDF album from Merly Impressions in Bedford so we are ready to "pretty it up". I have also printed some of their wedding photos out to put in the card/album but need to find some suitable quotes and sentiments to add.

We are off to our very first crop on Sunday with UKScrappers and we are very excited and a little bit nervous! What on earth do we need to take with us? More like what should we leave behind? I hope they will be a friendly bunch!
I'll let you know!



  1. very tidy space, I can identify with the 'bags' I have more than a few stuffed under my desk lol

    What do you take? why EVERYTHING of course lol

  2. very tidy, nothing at all like mine, is there any scrapper who doesn't have a myriad of bags shoved under her desk?