Friday, 21 May 2010

Charity "Fathers Day" Cards

This week I've started making cards. OK - they're not EXACTLY Fathers Day cards but they are more on the masculine side than I normally make - thanks to Lord Holtz!

I always find making cards for men really difficult but this time - it was a breeze! A few Distress Inks, rubber stamps and some TH masks and off I crafted.

My daughter, Casey, is raising money for a school exchange trip that she is taking place during the summer of 2011. Lucky kid gets to go to Tanzania for almost month to work and play- straight after her GCSE's!

The problem is that it is costing the group £60K. Within the £60K will be funds for the Tanzanians to come here too - and they will be flying over late in June 2010.
We have taken part in loads of activities to raise money so far but it seems that the cake and card sales do pretty well, so every opportunity - we make cards to sell for £1.00.

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  1. Great cards good luck with the fundraising.