Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Creativity Boot Camp - Day 3 "Buzzkills and Multilayered"

Onions have layers - Shrek said so! Why was this the first thing that entered my head when given the word "Multi-layered"? Very strange!

An onion - to make the point for Shrek!

For this Boot camp, I was supposed to choose one artistic medium to work with - I'm such a rebel - I keep switching and changing from one to another after seeing the amazing work that other campers have submitted. Everything is inspiring! I want to paint, draw, write poems and stories, take beautiful photographs, scrap and sew!

"Buzz kills"
These are the things or people who stop your flow of creativity, according to Madeline. We should name and shame them for what they are by declaring that they no longer matter to our creativity! I can't think of anything that stops me being creative apaprt from ordinary life getting in the way of things I would like to do. Unfortunately, the house still needs cleaning, the dinner needs cooking and kids homework has to be over-seen (otherwise it doesnt get done) Oh, and normal paid-for work has to be done too!

Tree bark - layers and layers of it

I have found the online community to be very supportive and sweet with their comments and suggestions and family, friends, workmates and strangers have been happy to buy my charity cards - bless them!
I dont generally talk about what I do outside "normal" work to others but I have started this blog and begun posting pictures to my Facebook page - its a start. I guess these little things mean that I am becoming proud of what I produce (I wouldnt post them otherwise)!

Roses are beautiful, delicate and intricate layers of petals.

As Darcy commented (on yesterday's post) its hard to feel like a professional artist when making "stuff" in our craft room (studio darling)!

This word was the prompt for Day 3 and my mind was working overtime!

What has layeres?
Onions (as per Shrek so Ogres have layers too)
Flavours in cooking
Rose petals
Trees - bark
Sheets and blankets
Make up - you know the lady with it trowled onto her face!

This made me think of Clowns.

My clown ATC is my "proper project" piece.
The layers behind a clown's make up.

Looking forward to day 4. Apparently the subject is a bit "lighter"!

Louise x


  1. i love your idea of the clown and the way you've worked it is great!

  2. it will always be my craft room lol ...maybe if i win the lottery and get a big house with a huge spare room that i can decorate like the big american ones, then i will call it a studio.

    that clown looks really familiar, I have dated a few 'clowns' but I'm sure thats not it lol i think I have a cross stitch of that clown somewhere...

    loving your layers, and dont restrict your self to just one medium, go for them all.

  3. i love your multi layered project, it's really great - thanks for the comment on my project xxx

  4. That photo of the onion is amazing. It looks like fabric to me! Love it.

  5. I love that you are doing ATC cards! And they are all gorgeous. I'm doing art journal pages at 5.5 x 8.5 - not for every day, but for most... and loving that I chose such a creative medium. Thanks for the comment on my blog!