Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Day 10 - Boot Camp - "Full Bodied"

This was a toughie - full bodied - I immediately think of red wine mmmmmmm.
Full bodied hair that I wish I had?
Full bodied woman?

Why not a full bodied man?
Why not indeed - so here he is:-

The journal prompt for day 10 (day 10 already - unbelievable) was to be highly sensitive to everything around you and to answer questions about your experiences.
Now, I dont think our leader works in an office like I do. I HAVE to block certain things (people) out or I'd go insane. I even ate lunch over my keyboard so didnt take a blind bit of notice of my sandwich (although the bread was very nice - seeded loaf)!
I am now sitting at my home computer and my high sensitivity hearing is only picking up on those really annoying trumpet things that are played constantly during the footie - aaarrrrrggghhh! My nose is picking up a rather unpleasant smell of left over dinner and I could do with a drink.
I dont think this sensory experience was picked on the best day for me!

See you tomorrow.


  1. Sumo - indeed very full bodied and entertaining to watch, good call

  2. That's great...made me smile :)

  3. Thank you for the giggle. It is great. My 17 year old son asked for me to share with him any full body shots that people send in. LOL! I think he will be disappointed.

  4. Great sketch and good thinking.

  5. Thanks for something light hearted and fun! I hope you had that drink handy!

  6. great job on this-funny and cute! and definatetly fulll bodied, 3 bodies full lol