Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Day 11 Boot Camp - "Hush"

These word prompts are getting harder and harder each day, I mean, where did "Hush" come from?

"Hush little baby...."
"There's a kind of Hush"

I settled on two ideas for hush today for my ATC's

1. Hush Money
2. Hush Puppies

The other excercise today was to think about the timeline of your life and how you got to where you are now and how your experiences have shaped you.
To be honest I'm lucky not to have had major trauma's in my life and if there have been a few hiccups along the way, they're not really worth dwelling on.
I guess we should all thank our parents or guardians for a large part of who we are - whether we have modelled ourselves on them or taken a different path because of them - each is an important journey.

I know that a huge part of who I am is down to my husband being ill several years ago. He was "proper poorly" with pancreatitis and spent 6 months in hospital quite some way from where we live. As well as dealing with the 50/50 possibility of becoming a widow in my early 30's. I also went to work, organised the kids, made meals, paid bills, homework, housework and everything else that has to be done on a daily basis. I only missed one day of visiting (due to a Take That conert). I'm proud of myself for getting through this awful time - I obviously wouldnt have done so well if is wasn't for my family, friends and a very understanding boss!

I've looked at some other blogs who tell terrible stories of their lives - dealing with alchohol abuse, drugs, death and abuse and I feel so lucky!


  1. Great ideas!!!! They look like you had fun doing them!

  2. I know what you went through, my boyfriend suffers from chronic pancreatitis. He spent most of 2008 in the hospital. Thankfully they have found a combination of medications that help his sypmtoms, unfortunately, there is no cure. It's tougher on us than most people know but we get through.

    Love hush money by the way!

  3. I love your designs, especially Hush Puppies. I had a pair many moons ago and now I realise how ugly they were but I loved them!

    You are brave and have much to be proud of.

    When we dig deep it's amazing what we can find within ourselves.

  4. love the Hush money! gosh haven't seen a pair of Hush Puppies in years, i think the last time I had some i was at school.

  5. Hush money - I should have thought of that - some criminal defense lawyer I am!

    Love the Hush puppy! I miss my Hush puppies - so much more comfortable than the heels I have to wear some days.