Friday, 18 June 2010

The Finale of Boot camp "Smile"

Well, that's it - all over (almost).
I've really enjoyed taking part in this online creativity and have looked forward to finding out the word prompts and thoughts each day.
I certainly would never have made some of the ATC's if it weren't for this course!

The course leader (Meagan) is continuing with creativity prompts on a weekly basis starting next Sunday - go and take a look:

Today's final prompt was "smile" and here is my entry today:) (thats not it:)
This is :)

Whenever I make my 10 year old son an ommlette, I always make a simley face with ketchup. he always rolls his eyes but quite likes it. I'm sure we'll continue this routine unitl he's 20!

What am I going to do now?
Sign up for Shimmelle's photography course for scrapbookers I think!

Thanks for all your lovely comments and for keeping me company on my very first online course. It's been a blast!

Take care x


  1. Looks very appetising and a good idea too. Thank you for looking in on my blog. I hope we will continue to pop over and see how we're doing. It certainly was fun :)

  2. haha love that smilie face, something that my, 22 year old today, son would appreciate. Thankfully my cooking duties are over and today his girlfriend is making him a pie lol

  3. Sounds like a fab time you had. Will take a look at her site. I could have been doing that with you while I was recouperating!!
    I have left you an award on my blog.

  4. Perfect picture which did make me smile. Thank you for your kind words - please do come and visit again, my latest entry (just after smile) you might just find spooky!

  5. What great interpretations you have done Mel. I love the omelette with it's smiley face. Your son will remember that for the rest of his life! *Ü* TFS. ~Glen~

  6. i love the omelette - so cute!!! i'm so glad you joined in - it's been great getting to know you xxx

  7. You did great work, well done. I'm sad to see that Boot Camp is over, here's to Sunday's.