Friday, 11 June 2010

That Friday Feeling!

So, I get to the end of the week, my one day on my own, free from work and child and what do I get up to... not a lot! I had intentions of arty stuff and maybe a try at an ATC card (I've not tried one of those before). Instead I've been to pick an order of maternity jeans, that fit really nicely already due to adjustable waisted elastic bits, but if I am to sit down or lift my knees will sink right down (I don't feel like joining that fashion of showing underwear!!) I have now bought on-line a stretchy belt costing 3/4 of the price of the jeans hoping to rectify the problem!

My garden is looking so lovely at the moment so I decided at lunch time to nip out and have a look at the flowers and see how everything is growing. My first look at the dahilias was disappointing because the slugs have got there first, but it does get better! Our fushias are looking particulary good and very pretty at the moment and I have roses over the pergola which smell fabulous. The honeysuckle has just started to flower and as I approached it a bee arrived to help itself to the nectar, I had a moment of inspiration from watching Springwatch last night and thought I'd have a go at insect photography. Ok, so I wasn't every so patient and didn't stay for hours, but I did get a decent photo of the bee inside the flower, not too bad!


  1. Love your flowers, especially the white rose.


  2. Wow - these photos are great Mel! I love Macro on the Lumix!!!!