Sunday, 13 June 2010

Creativity Boot Camp Day 7 & 8 "Fly" & "Ornament"

Well, here we are on Sunday evening - still camping! I've made it through one week of boot camp and have actually kept up! I hope the same can be said for next week!

Saturday's word prompt was "fly" and Sunday's "ornament". How could I kill two birds with one stone - or would that be cheating?

My nephew, William, provided the ispiration for "Fly" after announing that he couldn't fly without an umbrella! Bingo - MARY POPPINS guv!!!!

The song that had been playing over in my head whilst thinking of "fly" was "Fly Me to the Moon" by Frank Sinatra so I dedicate this ATC to him and his fab song!
"Fly me to the moon
Let me play among the stars.
Let me see what spring is like
On Jupiter & Mars"

Just so happened that these bees weren't flying today - they decided to use the trampoline bed right in front of us - the kids think this is insect porn but my first thought was "fly"!

This one was harder. What does it mean?
"something that lends grace or beauty".

How about those guys who have "ornamental wives?
Here's my first ATC for "Ornament".

I think my attempts were a little tired by this time - I totally ruined the guy's face with crackle glaze and didnt wait long enough before heat drying.

The second developled because apparently there is a World Cup on at the moment???? A bit of fun. Is the trophy an ornament? I guess so!


  1. love the ATCs. Your kids made me chuckle with the insect porn lol x

  2. Love the fairy flying to the moon, and Will's was spot on with Mary poppins!
    Lovin' the bees!!
    Mel x

  3. i love your ATC, especially the ornament one, totally stunningxxx

  4. Love the Mary Poppins! Great thinking outside the box.

  5. Love the ATCs, not sure about the bees!

  6. I love the Mary Poppins one!

  7. You had a great time at camp this weekend ! Great ATCs. I too am proud of myself for keeping up with the boot camp flow. Here's to week 2 !

  8. those wings are phenomenal!

  9. I love Mary Poppins, and the wings are fab!

  10. Great ATC's! You have so many ideas! My fav is the ornamental wives one, really original idea!

  11. I love the fairy...I will be signing fly me to the moon all night!

    Trophy wife? Perfect ornament!

  12. i love the fairy! beautiful design. and very unique thought with the trophy wife!