Friday, 4 June 2010

Fantabulous Friday!

I took the right day off work didn't I?
Friday has been a glorious sunny day! Lucky Mel has had the whole week off for half term.
To make the most of the weather we took the "Giant Pumpkins" geocaching and had two successful finds. Unfortunately teen Pumpkin has announced that she hates geocaching more than maths (so that's got to be pretty damn-bad)!

On the crafty side, we have decided its high time that we hid our own geocaches - one for each of the kids. We've been busy camoflaging water-tight containers and now need to come up with some ingenious names and clues - oh and somewhere to hide them!

I've also been scrapping a photo of my father in law as a young lad. Unfortunately he is no longer with us so we couln't ask what the picture was taken for. I found the journalling quite difficult but some helpful people on UKS suggested writing from an "I wonder..." angle which was perfect.

Our grandmother has just had an operation to remove a tumour (she's 92) so you can imagine how worried were for her? We bought some gorgeous roses from Co-op and I thought they were such a beautiful colour in vintage pink, I had to take a photo or two.
Nanna is doing really well and is hoping to go on her holidays at the end of the month. Phew!

Well, fingers crossed that the rest of the weekend is as lovely. I'm off again on Monday due to the dreaded inset day that schools like to throw in after half term!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Beautiful flowers, hope your Nanna makes a speedy recovery.x

  2. Sending out positive thoughts for your Grandmother's speedy recovery. x

  3. gorgeous LO & hugs to your Nana :)