Monday, 28 June 2010

The Sunday Creative

Creativity Boot Camp, as you know, is over, but in its place, is The Sunday Creative.
Madelaine Bea (life set to words) is encouraging us to continue to use our creativity by giving a prompt word each week.
This week the word is "Open".

To be honest, the weather is just too lovely to be crafting inside so the piece I am entering this week is a photo taken on Saturday whilst out geocaching with the family.

I think this might work for the word "open" and I would like to thank the butterfly for waiting for me to get my camera out of my bag!

We had a very successful geocaching trip and found all 6 that we were seeking. We found a Beavers travel bug a couple of weeks ago which is trying to get to Australia - we were very pleased to help it on its way by activating the "Wormhole to Middle Earth" which will have it travelling to New Zealand!
(Geocaching is a world-wide treasure hunt using GPS devices and coordinates and is a great free, fun activity for the whol family - it gets you out into the countryside and places that you never knew existed)!


  1. What a beautiful butterfly. Do you know what it is? Love the idea of geocaching but it would mean finding time for another pastime and right now...I have made a new list of 'to dos' as it just keeps getting longer! Loved the blog award info earlier. It's always good to read about how others live. *Ü* TFS. ~Glen~

  2. Great photo of the butterfly!

  3. Great shop - so impressive! I spotted a butterfly in a garden a few Saturdays ago, and i had my telephoto lens on the camera - I couldn't even find it to get it in the frame - I think that butterfly had a thing for you! Perfect for open.

  4. gorgeous butterfly, I love them but they never sit still long enough for me. Just look at the kids diving into that box, looks great fun.

  5. Lovely butterfly. We have some beautiful pure white ones in our garden. You are right about the weather - it is glorious here too and Wimbledon is on! I'm still thinking about open. :)