Wednesday, 2 June 2010

TAG - You're IT

I have been mooching around the UKScrappers website for quite a while now wondering about the challenges and swaps. I don't feel that I can commit to a weekly layout challenge what will working full time, taking care of 2 kids, a house and husband - there's just not enough time!

The monthly altered tag swap caught my eye! A whole month to alter 6 tags in a selected theme - surely even I can manage that?
In May, the group selected the theme "Alice in Wonderland" - I wish I'd noticed that one in time.
For June it's "A Midsummer Nights Dream" - sign me up!!!

Each participant is put into a team, they make their tags and send them to the host along with an SAE.
Once the tags have been received at the end of June, the host (Netty) sends everyone 6 tags back - what a wonderful way to collect original artwork!

After a quick recap about the play on the interweb, I hotfooted it down to the local Hobbycraft to find some fairy stamps. £4.99 for fairy stamps and £5.99 for some lovely V&A background stamps which look kind of foresty. Sorted!

My tags went in the post today.
I'm really looking forward to receiving the other tags but I suddenly feel very apprehensive about the quality of mine.


  1. These are really unusual and lovely girls, well done.

  2. Stunning tags. Great work.

  3. hmmm I was sure I had commented here, maybe it didn't go thru, anyway if it has then delete this one I love these tags, and whoever you send them to will love them too. Take a look at my blog, very closely, you are mentioned lol

  4. Your tags are beautiful. I'm sure they'll be loved by whoever receives them :)