Thursday, 10 June 2010

Day 4 Creativity Boot Camp - "Heavy Metal"

Heavy Metal
Why is it the first thing (after the obvious) that enters my head Mr T? I quickly moved on - I can't stand the man!

Today's assignment was to use the term "Heavy Metal" and create something on this theme. My mind worked overtime:

Cars and trucks
Ball and chain / wedding (oooh)!

That got me thinking of handcuffs and guns and prison so that's what I based my ATC on - prison! (not that I know anything about it you understand).

I'm quite pleased with the result - considering that this is certainly not something I would have thought of 4 days ago!

The second assignment was to take photos of anything that you felt was inspiring. By the time I got home from work I didnt fancy trapsing around the streets so I took some pics in the garden instead!

Okay - the one of the cemetary entrance isn't in my garden. Its lovely though - reminds me of the covered bridges in Vermont!

See you tomorrow.



  1. whoa! i love where you took 'heavy metal,' that's absolutely perfect. now i can't really imagine anything else hitting the mark as well.

  2. I'm so jealous you had nice weather! You and I are now both on the same wavelength about the onions and the cuffs - crazy!

  3. So I had to google ATC to know what you were making and now that I know what they are, AMAZING! I don't have the patience or the steadiness of hand I would need to do something some small, I really love it!

    Your pictures are great too, I'm partial to the keys (I love pattern, and metal, and VW!) and the entrance (which I thought was a covered bridge!) great work!

  4. Beautiful pictures. That kind of heavy metal I like!

  5. What fabulous photos - and I did wonder as I scrolled down if that archway was really in your garden - was wondering what sort of a mansion you lived in!!!! I'm playing along too, although I've got to go back and catch up with this particular prompt, as I just ran out of time. Your idea was a good one!

  6. very fun! love the way you incorporated metal right in.